You can now integrate your Watching That account with your Google Ad Manager account, which links line items on to the relevant page in your Ad Manager account.

3 Step Integration:

  1. Click on 'My Account' in the menu and choose 'Ad Manager integration' from the drop down menu.
Ad Manager integration menu
  1. Add your Google Ad Manager Network code and click save.
Add Google Ad Manager Network code
  1. Return to the 'Dashboard', ensure you have added the 'DFP line items' widget'. If not, click 'edit dashboard' and tick the box to add the widget.
Add DFP line items widget

Before the integration the widget would look like this:

DFP line item widget before integration

After integration it should look like this and each link takes you back to Google Ad Manager and that specific line item:

DfP line item widget after integration, linking back to Google Ad Manager

The line items will now be linked across the platform in Troubleshooting and Content Performance too, this should make troubleshooting any line item issues much quicker.

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